Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday Memories

My dogs had such differing personalities. My late Father's dog, Joe, on the right, was much like my Father in that he loved people and other dogs.  He could be at the opposite end of the dog park and see fresh meat come in and he would make a dash for them.  He had to smell every dog and human.  My Lucy and Sable were only interested in being around me and never showed interest in others.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday Memories

One thing all three of my dogs had in common was the love to ride. I suppose it is quite common but not all dogs enjoy the adventure.  My parents had a Dalmatian that did not want to get in a vehicle. I miss taking my kids for a ride and on errands when the weather was cool enough.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

It Is A Rough, Rough World: A Dogless Blog

My three pooches not long after Joe, my late Father's dog, come to live with me and my girls Lucy and Sable.  These were happy times albeit a bit chaotic.  I would lose Lucy in 2013, Sable in December of 2016 and Joe just a couple of weeks ago.  Now I have a blog with no dogs.
I thought of the idea of the blog after I became somewhat hooked on a blog emachination.  The Australian often posted about his whippet Miss Gerti. You Tube videos can still be found about that sweet pooch. So I suppose I will continue to post on here from time to time of the fond memories that I have of my canine friends.  I miss them terribly.  Not just having a wagging tail to greet me when I come home but missing someone to spoil and love.

Friday, February 10, 2017

A Sad Goodbye

 I came home from work Tuesday night to find that my Joe had died.  I cannot tell you how heart broken I was/am.  Joe was my Father's dog that I inherited when my Father died in 2014.  But they had been living with me since 2012.  Joe had been grieving it seems over Sable's death just over 5 weeks ago.  Plus I had taken him to the park just before New Years when he apparently hurt his back in some way. He had been reclusive and wouldn't eat much for the last 5 weeks.  So hard to get pain meds down him since he was so smart.  But last Saturday he was doing better--eating and being close to me.  I took him to the vet early for another infrared treatment on his back but I apparently hurt him in some way getting him out of my truck when we returned home so he had not stood up since Saturday.  I kept putting a heating pad on him and pain meds in peanut butter on my finger rubbed in his mouth is about all I could get him to eat.
It was so hard to leave my boy.  Yeah, I cried my eyes out.  You know that ugly kind of crying.