Monday, January 26, 2009

Sugar Land Memorial Park

My girls are always ready for a ride and some time at the park. I thought I would take them to the new Sugar Land Memorial Park this past weekend. It's much closer than the Millie Bush park where I usually take them.
It was much colder there with the wind gusts. The park sits on the banks of the Brazos River so maybe that's why it seemed so much colder there than at home. Maybe the cold is why no one was there as well. My girls love the cold and I do too when dressed appropriately. But the park is not pet friendly yet. There are no fenced in areas where dogs can run freely. Heck, the parking lot is not even paved, just gravel. I hope they don't plan on leaving it that way. At any rate, we enjoyed the time outdoors in the fresh air.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

My First Dog Lucy

She was such a fur ball when my brother gave me Lucy in the summer of 2003. I had a rather nice lawn with flowers and shrubs then. I called her Lucy because of the red hair and my name is Rick so I could say:Lucy I'm home!
I didn't take many pictures of her. I didn't realize she was changing before my eyes.

Soon she ruled the roost since I was gone so much of the time I thought she was lonely and needed a baby to raise.

Then Came Baby Sable On News Years 2004

She was such a tiny thing but a chow hound from the first day with me.
Lucy shared the food with Sable but she could out eat her.

Okay Lucy was somewhat reluctant to share at first.

They slept together.

They played together more and more as Sable grew.

Sable would getted tired easily as a puppy.

Soon she would out grow this sleeping spot behind the sofa cushion.

And would take over the house along with Lucy. I once had furniture with no scratches or slip covers too.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ahhhhhh! Fresh Air

My girls were good as always on our recent trip to Arkansas. They loved the cold weather, so so frisky. I rarely let the window down for them when I'm driving on speed since I have read it is bad for their eyes. But they do love it.
Sable set up looking out the window as though she is the copilot for at least 9 hours of our 11 hour drive. She makes me tired. Her eyes would get so heavy. Maybe she doesn't trust my driving? Lucy, on the other hand, kicked back and was snoring within a couple of hours into the trip and only raised up when I would slow down or stop
They will both be 6 years old in 2009. I can't believe it. And I still find it hard to believe I'm sharing my home and my ride with two big dogs. If you would have told me such 10 years ago I would have told you, in no uncertain terms, you were full of it. So I'm cautious when asked if I will ever get another dog.