Monday, April 26, 2010

They Watch Me Watch TV

I'm not sure if it's the reflection of the television in my glasses or what but my girls alternate who sits next to me and watch me watch TV.

Lucy LOVES The Sound Of Tearing Paper

I think it started as a puppy when she watched me open mail. Now I just give her all the junk mail.

Do You Ever?

Feel as though someone or something is watching you as you sleep?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Embarrassed and Ashamed

I took my girls to the dog park here in Sugar Land day before yesterday. The days are getting warmer but the water at the park is still muddy. Oh well, the dogs sure don't care. It's usually a good time when we go to the park. I like the wind and they like the water. But Lucy can be an embarrassment when she is being the guard dog she so loves to be. On this day, when two bull mastiffs come running up and she starts her barking: they go in attack mode. Before I know it, she is on the ground and the other two are on top of her ready to tear her up by all appearances. I am so shocked and then I'm pissed. I've always heard not to intervene??? That's bull right? After yelling no a couple of times, the owner of the other two dogs comes up and is trying to pull his off Lucy. Then I proceed to start cussing and hitting the dogs with my "chuck it" while the owner is giving me a dirty look. He gets his dogs and Lucy gets up limping and whining. I'm still hot from her starting the scene while I look her over for injuries. By the time I come to my senses and look around the other guy and dogs have left the park. What was suppose to be fun and relaxing turns out to be an embarrassing day. I hate that I lost my cool and that Lucy just can't seem to socialize joyfully with the other dogs. She is always on guard it seems. When will "we" learn to control ourselves?
Sable is sooooo laid back and happy. I don't think I have ever heard her bark at another dog while at the park. Lucy did seem to act differently the remainder of our time at the park. Maybe the episode was just what she needed? I just don't know. When we left I was embarrassed and ashamed and they were just wet.

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful

My Lucy is showing her age. She is 7 years old this month. I got her on July 1st 2003.

Snoop Dog:Sable Is A Nosy Parker

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010

What The?

The dog park had several new chaise lounges around the mud hole last week. What are they thinking? I did enjoy seeing a couple of people relaxing and then their wet dog comes and jumps on them. But I'm like that. lol
My girls got a good workout though and were zonked when we got home.

This little fella was huffing and a puffing. I think it was in the high 60's. He will be suffering in the summer.

I put this shot of Sable up as my screen saver at work. This guy comes over and says, "Oh I thought it was a buffalo." Not funny!
We hope you've been having some spring like weather and fun lately.

Lucy's New Thing

Now when we come home from the park or a ride Lucy won't get out of the truck. I've played the waiting game. I've waited up to 30 minutes and she's still sitting there. So I eventually have to pull her out as she whines. What's up with that? She just started doing this the last few months. I don't think she will when it gets hot again though. Crazy pure breed.

And They Call It Puppy Love

It's Spring and that makes me want to clean. Not really but... As I moved furniture out and about cleaning walls, I had a blast from the past when my girls were just puppies.
Actually, all of this is Sable's doing. I can remember one evening asleep on the sofa and hearing what I thought was someone stringing cable in my attic.

Sable had not only chewed the sheet rock and plate cover but had pulled about 20 feet of cable out of the wall. Where did it all come from? My neighbors? Luckily, I've never had cable but if I do splurge someday I'm sure the house will have to be rewired. Ahhhh, I miss that "puppy phase".