Tuesday, April 6, 2010

One Day


Tee said...

OHhhhhh ... we have great many of them squirrels lurking about in our trees too! And yes we stare and stare like you do - hoping one fine day they'll lose their grip and fall (much to our glee of course!)

They're so good to be chased!

Licks and wags
The Dog WOods Pack

Thor said...

I've never seen an squirrel before. Looks like a fun chasing them. Beautiful pictures!

Sean said...

My doggies would never be that still or quite with a squirrel in site.

RAD said...

One day that varmit is going to be ripped apart! My dogs love all little varmits too!.. They want to eat them...So funny to watch them go bananas

FDeF said...

J/Rick thanks for visiting my blog. Love your pups - always such a joy. Not sure I could handle 2 of them however. Even one well-behaved dog was a handful. I'm most partial to Labs. You can read my posts about Bruno who's been gone nearly 10 months now. We are considering adopting again, but the next one hasn't found us yet.

Sam said...

I love those eyes! Sam would dearly love to come and help you catch him!