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Begging Is Genetic?

 We enjoyed dinner at my brothers Sunday and Sable's brother, Spike, was there.
As well as Piper, another brother and sister team.  They seemed to beg just like Lucy, Sable, and Joe.
Is it a family thing or a canine characteristic? BOL  I suppose some family friends do the right thing and go lay down some where during meals but my Father is constantly slipping treats under the table.

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It's A Bite

Sable waits patiently for the vet.  She was a good girl although she tried to hide under me.  She had been bitten in her ear.  I could see it better once the vet shaved around the ear.  Of course it's infected now so she's on a course of antibiotics.  At least I know what the situation is and that I will be wrestling her twice a day to clean the wound.

Of the 8 years taking my girls to the dog park I have never heard Sable growl at another dog.  The other dog had to come around us at least three times before the incident happened.  Lucy on the other hand has never liked other dogs coming around me or her for that matter so it's typical of her.  I've had to separate her more than once but Sable...  I'm still surprised.

Thanks for your thoughts and comments.

On A Lighter Note

It appears Sable is amused at the banner in the vets office proclaiming what pets will eat around the house.

Monday, March 12, 2012

My Poor Sable

Sable is usually on my left side so I rub the left side of her head and ear.  So when she happened to be on my right side last night I was shocked to find her ear was all scabbed over and oozing.  I wasn't grossed out as you are now.  I grabbed her colar and pulled her around and asked my Dad to bring the flashlight.  I was wondering if this was damage done by the dog confrontation she got in over a week ago at the park.  I cleaned her ear with witch hazel and then her ear wash before I applied some of her medicine for ear infection.  I hope it gets better soon or we will be going to the vet again.
What do you think?  I can't really see any tears or broken skin.  Hard to believe all of this is from an ear infection.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Oh What A Feeling!

We have had a beautiful few days here in southeast Texas so I took the girls to Millie Bush Bark Park. We haven't been in a while. To think we used to go almost every Sunday morning.
It doesn't take Lucy and Sable long to get in the water. It had to be a bit chilly since the temps were in the low 50's the last couple of nights.
Nevertheless, they love the water. I keep thinking Joe might surprise me and get in the water one day. It hasn't happened yet but who knows? We were going for almost 6 months I believe before Sable would get in the water and swim.
Keeping their eye on the prize. Daddy messed up and forgot to take a ball to the park. Luckily I found a faded one that still had some bounce. I don't know if it's their eye sight or what but I notice they like the brightly covered tennis balls the best.
Wow! A picture with all three of my babies. Joe did a run by a few times to let us know he was still around. I think he covered the entire 15 acre park.
This pooch kept making rounds and eventually got into a scuffle with Sable. Yes, I said Sable. Sable NEVER has shown any aggression towards another dog at the park. I was kind of shocked to hear Sable growl and then all hell broke lose. I was trying to stay cool and not make an ass of myself. I was sticking the ChuckIt stick between them and finally the other dogs owner ran up and pulled her dog away. I checked her ears and neck and she seemed okay. Sable has always stood back and watched Lucy be the bad dog/guard dog so this was a new one on me.
After almost 3 hours at the park, the dogs are laying low all evening. Sable is limping around as usual after a workout. Hopefully, she will be better by tomorrow evening.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Dogably Pawfect Saturday

Well it is for our friend Coco that was found in the debris from yesterday's tornados in Alabama. It was heart breaking to see your master with tears in his eyes and yet full of joy from your survival on the news last night. My girls get nervous in a thunderstorm so I can imagine how you must have felt. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those recovering from the savage storms.