Monday, February 25, 2008

Another Foggy Morning

We arrived at the Millie Bush Bark Park at sunrise yesterday amidst the heavy fog. It's a time I prefer to go and got in the habit of going because of the heat so we basically stick to the early morning routine year round.
No matter water temps they are anxious to get swimming.

But they get a rather sad face when I tell them it's time to go home.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What? No More Treats?

They Are Always On The Prowl

I Let Mine Get Away With A Lot But...

I haven't gone this far yet. As sweet as they are there are limits.

It's A First For A Beagle

Last week at the Westminster Dog Show in New York a Beagle won best of show for the first time. They all looked precious. After getting my dogs, the first almost five years ago, I have become a real animal lover. Even cows make me go ahhhhhhhhh. But back to the dog show, I liked Andy Rooney's take on the event on this past Sundays 60 Minutes. He thought it would be appropriate if there were an event for dogs to show their handlers. I'd watch that too. :)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sable's Annual Visit

Where are they? They're just outside this door. Why won't they come in and get this over.
It's like this everytime you make an appointment. I don't know why you bother. Don't they realize I have fences to run and birds to chase?

I don't like this at all.

Oh oh oh oh that tickles!

Now say ahhhhhhhhh.

Ouch! I don't want to give blood.

Okay. I will take that treat now.

I'm ready to go home master.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Dreary Start To A Fun Day

Heading north on Hwy 6 under US 59 to Millie Bush Bark Park.
It was still foggy when we arrived but not bad for all the land to be classified as a resevoir.(I know the photo is a little artsy and annoying)

But soon the clouds and fog cleared and a fun time was had by all. Even me.

Six Pack of dogs

Wouldn't you know one of mine would lead the pack while the anti social Lucy brings up the rear.

Oh Brother!

This prissy thing kept walking by our spot acting all that. She should have been in the park designated for small dogs. IMHO

Thursday, February 7, 2008

On The Run

It's been a beautiful couple days after a miserably balmy weekend. The girls had a great time at the park today. Some owners would not let their dogs get in the water but I sure didn't think it would hurt them. It's in the low 60's and was in the 80's over the weekend. The water can't be that cold. Besides, I don't think I could keep them out of the water.