Thursday, June 28, 2012

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Side By Side

One thing as a pet owner I have never regretted is that of getting the second dog.
They love one another whether Lucy will admit it or not.

Lucy and Sable have meshed quite well together.  Yes, they are quite different personality wise but they are always in search of the other it seems when they are a part.

What was I thinking?  It has been waaaaaay too hot to take my girls to the park mid day.

Tongues were hanging low in no time at all.

It didn't take me long to learn that they preferred the shade over swimming.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Please! No Tongue In Publc Joe

 I took Joe to the dog park late yesterday to get his run on.  Instead, he seemed to be in more of a social mood.  Maybe he was just glad to get away from his mean ole step sisters, Lucy and Sable?  At any rate, he got plenty of exercise and was snoring by 10:00 PM.
I took my father along as well.  I put him in the wheelchair so that we could move about the park more easily.  Then I let him push the chair back to the truck.  It was still quite warm at sunset and it didn't take long for the mosquitoes to come out.  Especially, since there was not a breeze to be felt.  My father will be 97 this week.  I can not imagine.  He was just a few years younger than I am now when I was born.  I can not imagine.
Have a good week.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

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Monday, June 18, 2012

They're All Beggars

Well, I guess if you let them be.  We had dinner at my brothers yesterday and Sable's brother Spike was there.  He's a bit leaner than Sable and taller too.  But he definitely likes to beg like his sister.  At least they all beg in silence.  My father is a sucker for those puppy dog eyes.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Woe Is Joe & Woe Is Me

 I usually leave work early on Friday's so I was home last month when the dogs were nervous and barking, in the foyer.  I walk down the hall and look out the front window, yeah I'm like Mrs. Kravitz, and see the dogcatcher's truck parked in front of my home.  I'm thinking well that's good, all the pooches are inside, safe and sound.
 Well, not so good.  She leaves me a warning on the gate informing me of yet another complaint from neighbors about my dogs barking. This is the first time a neighbor has gone this far. My neighbors on both sides of me have complained to me either verbally or by leaving notes.  This has happened before Joe and my father ever come to live with me.  But Joe has been kind of the cherry on top of a rather dicey issue with my neighbors.  I know he is a barker.  Sometimes, I have no clue as to why he runs outside and starts barking and other times I too hear neighbors outside or see people walking their dogs on the front walk.
 However, I don't leave the dogs outside at night.  Yes, I have a pet door and they come and go as they please but in this hot weather they mostly stay inside.  At any rate, I always close the pet door about 10:00 PM and don't open it till 8:00 AM or after.  Yes, I usually let them out when I get up at 5:00 AM or 6:00 AM.  But they are not left outside to howl at the moon all night long.
 So I have resorted to something I always thought rather cruel, I got a bark collar for Joe.  Let me tell you it has changed his personality.  He no longer picks on my girls in any way.  He doesn't want to play around and rough house.  He walks around with his head hung low.  He doesn't have that bounce in his walk like the ghetto dog he used to be. Oh yeah, he no longer barks, at all. I feel bad for Joe and truth be known I should get a collar for Lucy too.  Thankfully, Sable has never been a barker.  Moreover, I feel bad as well.  I feel an enormous amount of guilt.  I'm also a bit pissed at my neighbors.  If I hear "marco polo" one more friggin' time this summer I will be calling authorities on their children.  And my neighbors on the other side of me had two small dogs when I moved here.  They barked CONSTANTLY when I would be outside.  I couldn't stir a glass of tea or open a can of beer without them going on some tirade.  Now that their dogs are dead they seem less sympathetic towards mine.
So think of poor Joe this weekend and let's hope that he will show signs of the old Joe soon.

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Dogably Pawfect Saturday

 One my recent visit to the Ozarks, I got to meet all my cousins canine family members.

Our canine friends across the pond are even celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Smile! It's Friday!

Have a great weekend!

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Hot & Dry

It's hot and somewhat dry in Texas and it sure was in Arkansas.  Last week I had a difficult time keeping the girls enough water.  They aren't used to being outside so much especially in the heat.  Another thing I noticed they were skeptical of was stairs. The elevation is different at my Dad's home with decks and terraces.  No home on a slab there so Lucy and Sable got a bit more of a workout than usual. 
I hope you're having a good week and stay hydrated!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Whew! I'm Glad That's Over

Well not really.  We have just returned from a weeks stay in the Ozarks.  Traveling with three big dogs and my elderly Father can kick my ass.  The last two trips home have been with just my Father and Joe.  Joe is an excellent traveler!  He gets in and just lays down.  You never hear a peep out of him till you have pushed the limits and haven't taken a pit stop and then he will growl a bit.
 But this time around I took my girls since there was no one around here during the holiday week to baby sit.  Just as well, because I really don't like leaving them behind.  I have to drive my car when taking the entire brood.  My babies usually only get to ride in my truck.  Even with the extra room they seem to just lay atop of one another.
 Lucy settles down after a couple of hours and begins to relax.
 Joe knows it's a long drive and takes it in stride.
 However, Sable never changes.  She stays transfixed on the road ahead.  She kind of creeps me out a bit.  She doesn't even respond to my attention.  She just sits up and looks straight ahead.  After about 5 hours she will reconcile herself with the fact it's a long haul and will take a nap.
I hope you enjoyed your first holiday weekend of summer.  I know it's not officially summer yet but... Enjoy this weekend and your summer.