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Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Dogably Pawfect Saturday # 17

Maxus, aka door greeter, at furniture store.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

It Was Soooooo Hot At Pawm Springs

You would have thought we were in the California desert. By 8:00 AM the gang and I were all miserable. Lucy and Sable stayed in the water most of the time while Joe tried to find dogs that would chase him.

Staying wet was the only way to tolerate the early morning heat.

Joe has shown no interest in the water. He runs by to let Lucy and Sable know he is still around otherwise he is off on his own.

There were several dogs there despite the heat. We hadn't been to this park, Pawm Springs Memorial Dog Park, in a couple of months. Much of it was fenced off. Looks as if they are trying to save the grass in some way.

We hope that you had a good weekend and managed to keep cool.

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What A Beggar

Even my girls will lay on the floor and wait for a crumb or offer. On the other hand, my father's dog, Joe, lays his head on the arm of the chair and doesn't budge till the plates are clean. My father says he wasn't like that at home. It must be the competition that makes him so persistent.

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A Dogably Pawfect Saturday - #14

My name is Rick and I'll be your waiter today. What can I start you out with?

Photo from Katiedid

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Typical Dog Bark

Sable: I think I see the golden arches up ahead Joe. This is where he'll stop and get us some fries.

Lucy: FRIES! Did you say we're stopping for fries. Yummy!

Sable: Hey! It's right there on the left.

Sable: What's wrong with you? Why didn't you stop? Was it something we did?

Monday, August 1, 2011

Beating The Heat

I took my pack of dogs to Millie Bush Bark Park early yesterday morning in an attempt to beat the Texas heat. Tropical storm Don gave us no relief from the drought or the high temperatures. As you can see Lucy and Sable wasted no time to get in the water. It had been too long since their last swim.

They love the water and it was actually a bit cooler than I thought it would be.

I know this because they always come straight to me before shaking off the water.

They enjoy the running too but I try and keep it at a minimum since they are both getting arthritic in their hips. Plus it wasn't long after we arrived the temperature was in the upper 80's and that's a bit warm.

Yes, Joe was with us too.

Lucy and Sable spent most of the time swimming and fetching.

Lucy has loved the water since her first encounter as a puppy.

Joe shows no interest in the water. Running and getting chased is his game of choice. Would you look at those paws. It's like having my own pony.

He would make an occasional run by to see us but for the most part spent his time running from end to end of the 8 plus acre park.

His tongue would get longer and longer as time went on. The only sign the exercise and heat had any effect on him.

Let me just say the energy level on the way home is quite different than the level shown on the trip to the park. It's quite nice actually as they hover around the air conditioning vent.

Ahhhhh, nothing like the smell of a wet dog in summer.