Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lucy Says:"Rescue Me!"

Lucy can be a bit temperamental and she's not shy about showing she is the dominant one around the homestead or anywhere else for that matter.
But I think she is wearing down in all the chaos since my father and his dog is here till the first of the year. It has cramped our style somewhat but we are managing.

Joe looks like a nice enough fella. But he is use to being outside the majority of the time with a much, much larger yard than what I have. He barks a lot and humps my girls even more but just look at that face.

Monday, November 30, 2009


My girls were somewhat listless over the weekend due to the warm and muggy weather. But a cold front is supposedly on the way so they should be a bit more energetic.


I know most of you are like me and have been very busy this time of year. I'm afraid I have been neglecting my girls blog. My father is here with me till the first of the year and work gets a bit hectic till at least mid December so I have little time for posting. Enjoyed a fire the other night when it was cool enough for such and Sable kept a close eye on the flames or rather smoke.

Friday, November 20, 2009

My Girls Have Been House Bound

November has been a beautiful month here in Houston but I've had so much to do around the house my girls have been held captive.
While I work on some upholstery projects in the garage Lucy and Sable take turns laying watch.

The new Sugar Land Pawm Springs Dog Park isn't quite what we had hoped. Or should I say, what I had hoped. Lucy and Sable don't seem to care it's a mud hole.

They still have a big time when we go but haven't had a chance to go since November 5th. Maybe some free time around the holidays.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dog Park Of The Damned

My girls are creeping me out here. Okay I helped a little. We hope you had a good Halloween.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Shake A Tail Feather This Weekend!

My Girls

Looked so pretty when I picked them up from the groomers this week. It's their last haircuts for the year. I've been using the same lady all their lives so they know the routine. Yet Lucy, my golden, is a handful. I'm sure. The groomer always tells me how good Sable was but never a word about Lucy. I just read between the lines. As this lady has changed employers the price has gone from $75 to $125 for both of them. I think that is steep but they only get these cuts, a puppy cut for Sable the lab, about twice a year. I get the honors of the regular bathing.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hello:We've Been Waiting For You!

Did you bring a pie or some treats of some kind?

Lucy Smells Fall In The Air

The yo-yo process of falling temperatures has started and my girls are absolutely frisky.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pawm Springs Dog Park Opens In Sugar Land!!!

We were soooooo excited to find that the new dog park that is part of the Sugar Land Memorial Park has opened this month. We have been waiting it seems forever since we first read about it being part of the city's new park system.
The new palm trees don't have much palms as of yet but it should look nice in a few months.

People started to arriving after 5:00 PM today making Sable happy but Lucy remained indifferent. All the dogs seem to get along so that makes for a happy time.

They have this sprinkling palm tree which I can't imagine any dogs liking but on a hot summer day you might find me standing under it's spray. This Corgi? kept chasing my girls. The water pond did not appear to be aerated and appeared muddy. Not sure how this issue is going to be addressed.

The park closes at sunset so we left a bit early. Sable is still limping from over doing it a week ago. The park is not as big as the Millie Bush Bark Park and only has one swimming hole. Not sure if they plan to add another or not. They do have the park divided for large and small dogs but everyone seem to want to gather around the water. It is dry as a bone now and there's not much grass yet and the paths are not paved or graveled. It's nice to see a park in the beginning stages though. The best aspect of it all is that it's only 5 miles from our home which is mucho better than the 15 mile trek to Millie Bush.

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Lonely Day At Millie Bush Bark Park

There was on two other masters at the park yesterday when me and the girls arrived. I was really surprised. We usually go at day break because of the heat but I was dragging and we had cooler temperatures over the weekend. As a result, we went mid day but I didn't realize it had been raining in the area. It was dry when we left home 15 miles to the south.
So through the occasional light rain my girls still ripped and played. They are by themselves so much through the week it makes no difference to them whether they have any playmates or not at the park.

My poor Sable is limping today as a result of all the running and playing. She is 6 years old next month and over weight like her master. I hope hip surgery is not in her future. She's usually back to normal in a couple of days. That's what happens to weekend warriors.

My Lucy is 6 and a half years of age was not affected by all the activity of one day. And indifferent that there was no abundance of playmates. She can be ugly sometimes when others walk up to us. She is soooooo protective of me and Sable. Yet, I know people do not like that dominant behavior.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sooooo Many Blogs I Enjoy

But I have had a problem for some time posting to your blogs. When I use the MSN browser I am UNABLE to post a message if I have to type in a security word. EVERY time I start to type the word I am booted off. It's not just with security words it is often the same with emails if I click to close it out or enlarge. Also when making purchases, you can bet at some point I will get booted off.(Maybe that's a good thing?) As a result, in the past I have used Internet Explorer as my browser but as of late I have been unable to get that browser to even open due to new security software I have finally realized.
At any rate, that is why I rarely have had the opportunity to post to blogs I enjoy. It has been such a hassle. But hopefully now that I have more time, but the same minuscule amount of patience, I can work out these issues and communicate more with my blogging friends.
Life shouldn't be so complicated. :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Early Morning Swim Meet

They can hardly contain their excitement as we leave before daybreak to go to the dog park. My girls no what's up when I douse them with ear wash and put on their leashes.
Due to the fog and heavy cloud cover daylight was slow to come. Yet they had no problem finding the ball.

After a couple of hours they begin to slow down a bit.

It's quiet time as we make the drive back home. It's amazing what a little exercise will do for my girls.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

No More Joe:For A While

Joe the terrible has left the building. Actually, my brother took Joe and my father back home to Arkansas. I had been caring for my father while he recovered from his fall and broken hip. I suppose I've been near exhaustion during this time thus my lack of posts the last couple of months. I think Lucy and Sable were exhausted too. Joe is a peculiar dog. Aren't they all? Not my girls! He rarely responds to his name. Especially when you get out at the park but you know he can hear. He just could not refrain from harassing my girls the majority of the time. He was like a kangaroo boxing them or biting their collars or hind legs. He is a thief too. He got flashlights, remote controls, caps and other articles of clothing and rendered them useless. On the other hand, when you offer him a treat he takes it with such ease not snapping your fingers. He is such a good dog traveling. You'd never know he was with you. He walks so good on the leash never pulling. What's up with that??????? He's never on a leash at my fathers. Oh well. I miss my father and yes. I admit. I miss Joe too. But I can't speak for Lucy and Sable. ;)

One More Time With Joe

As always, my girls loved the water and didn't want to stop the routine of getting the ball time after time.
And as before, Joe, my fathers dog, just ran by a few times to let Sable

and Lucy know he was still around at the park. I don't know how many miles that dog covered but he had no down time while there.

It's not as it appears. They aren't best of pals but when your exhausted: they don't mind being so close.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Millie Bush Bark Park At The Break Of Day

Got to the park a little earlier than I had planned this past Sunday. I made all the lights on Hwy 6 which is unusual for me at any time of day.
Thankfully the parking lot and park was unlocked so I didn't have to sit in my truck with three overly excited dogs.

It was a gorgeous morning and sunrise with the humidity lower than it has been in months. My girls, Lucy and Sable, couldn't wait to get in the water. However, just as before, my father's dog, Joe, was out running the other dogs and meeting the other people.

Lucy and Sable had the main pond to themselves for the first twenty minutes or so.

They love playing ball and as always Sable has been limping a bit since Sunday due to all the fun she had.

Joe would come back around to us a few times but basically ignored us. How rude Joe! He had a great time as well.

Even Joe was zonked for the 15 mile drive back home.

It was all Sable could do to stay awake while Lucy slept under foot behind the seat. Ahhhh such is a dog's life.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Will Catch Him

Since my father has been with me I noticed that I have been gaining weight. It must be the three meals a day I'm preparing. Sable also is gaining weight. I'm determined to catch my father slipping Sable treats under the table. I will get evidence sooner or later!

Lucy Gives Up

Lucy has finally given up trying to find a cool spot outside and is apparently comfortable enough on the kitchen floor. She makes a nice rug. Don't you think?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sable Says:It's Too Hot To Come Out

Sable Prays For Rain

Well someone needs to. Now mind you, I don't care for the periods when we have days and days of rain and my girls are tracking in mud but... We could definitely use some rain. Although some areas of Houston are getting an occasional thunderstorm, we haven't been quite so lucky in the Sugar Land area. I guess we will have to wait for a tropical storm. Keep praying Sable.

Pictures Can Be Misleading

Despite the appearance Lucy and Joe, my fathers mutt, are not the best of friends. But they are beginning to tolerate one another. Joe has been with us for over a month now and unfortunately his behavior is still less than ideal even since my father is here with me recuperating from his fall. So much for having the master around. He has become accustomed to air conditioning though. He rarely ventures out during the day.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sunrise At Millie Bush Bark Park

I got up early and took my girls and Joe to the park in hopes of beating the heat. About 30 minutes after the sun came up it started getting rather muggy. That's one thing me and my girls have in common:We don't like the heat and humidity of southeast Texas.
Joe wasn't interested in the water much. And he seemed to be embarrassed of me and my girls because as soon as we got there he took off after other dogs and never came back on his own.
Wait. I'm getting ahead of myself. As soon as I pulled in the parking lot of the dog park, Joe leaped out of the passenger side window. I was SHOCKED. Lucy and Sable have never done such a thing or even acted like they would when seeing other dogs in cars or out walking. I was stunned to see Joe running towards another dog at the entrance of the park. I didn't even realize he had jumped out. So I was on edge the entire time at the park. He was never around us and I didn't know what he was really capable of doing.

Lucy and Sable enjoyed the water as usual although for a shorter period of time. As soon as Joe came around us while following other dogs, I put his leash on him and we loaded up and came home. They all got some exercise and will hopefully lay low all day. It was nice to be up and enjoy the sunrise. More often than not I am usually already at work or sleeping so I miss out of all the beauty of a sunrise. Hope all of you are having a great weekend.

He Is Now In Sing Sing

Just wishful thinking on my part. My father's dog, Joe, continues to be a challenge. I've had to move everything out of his reach in the kitchen and other areas where he has access. He just doesn't seem to listen. I know he hears but he just won't respond or answer to his name most of the time.
When we actually got a little shower the other evening, I decided to put him out front to give him another perspective of his surroundings. I'm trying.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Holy Terror

I have inherited my father's dog, Joe, for the time being. I can see if my father is not able to resume his life as it was before a broken hip that I will assume ownership. He could not be a better passenger in a vehicle. He's not hyper and shows little interest in the outside world. He doesn't snap at my fingers when I offer him food. He will even sit and shake on command but that is about it.
In all other aspects, he is a holy terror. I understand he is not used to being inside a home. He is an outside dog and only had access to the basement and garage at my father's home. But he can't really stay outside with my girls going in and out. Plus it is too darn hot here and I don't have the shade like at my father's place. As a result, I let him come in and out. I know I can't let him in the living area without close supervision. I stepped out of the room over the weekend and he devoured the remote for the receiver and DVD player. I was livid! He is long legged and can reach almost to the top of the refrigerator. He's pulled everything he can down and out the pet door. This morning he unrolled a roll of paper towels and all the precious pets proceeded to shred.
How can I start to break him of all these bad habits without hating him in the process? He is getting along better with Lucy and Sable and by that I mean he's not as aggressive when it comes to playing but he is still a source of contention. In addition, my life with my girls is disrupted. I can't be with them as much as before. They have lost liberties as well.
Think of me during this time of great STRESS!