Friday, February 22, 2013

Hope You Find A Cool Spot This Weekend

Lucy has a favorite spot in the backyard and that's in the dirt.  It's the coolest spot I suppose.  We hope you find a cool spot to soak up some sun this weekend.

Sable Update

Sable still has the skin issues so I took her back to the vet last week.  It was time for her annual shots so why not go and blow 3 bills on my baby.  The Sulfodene oil that a couple of you recommended did seem to help some of the spots though.  The vet is adamant that it is her thyroid and makes her prone to the skin issues.  It just seems odd to me that it started all of a sudden early last summer.  I'll give these meds a try for a couple of months and see if we get some results.  Nevertheless, Sable is the most energetic of the 3 despite being 15 pounds over weight.  Hopefully she'll look better soon.

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Saturday, February 16, 2013


Thanks to me replacing the cedar fence on one side of my lawn, the pooches got to go on a couple of walks today.  Lucy is very good on leash.  I trained her for a while when she was a pup and she hasn't forgotten a thing. When I stop she sits.  I think they like having the fence down because I am not very good at taking them for walks and I depend on them using the pet door to go do their business.  One more day of dog walks and then back to normal.  Yeah!

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