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Do Not Disturb Or...

you might be sorry.

Odd Couple

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Somebody Somewhere

Is praying just for you today.

Does My Breath Smell Bad?

Honestly Sable?

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A Dogably Pawfect Saturday

Woe Is Me

Be careful what you wish for. After the severe drought last year we started getting rains in December and seem to have had rain at least twice a week so far this year. My steam mop has run out of steam and my Hoover Floormate no longer sucks up the nasty sludge it creates. So much for having a pet door. The back hall, wash room and kitchen are constantly in a mess. I think I prefer the dust than mud. I know. I shouldn't complain. Dry months are ahead I'm sure.
Lucy surveys the wetness of it all.
Joe attempts to stay out of the water when the rain finally lets up.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Baby Girls

I picked my girls up at the groomers after work Monday and I was as excited as a parent picking up children at a daycare. I worried about them all day. You know no one takes care of our babies like we do. At any rate, they were excited to see me but once in the truck they seem to forget about me.
Although they've never been to driving school they never take their eyes off the road.
They are both so focused you'd think there was a giant Milkbone on the hood.
Little distracts them as we make out trek home. My father said Joe pouted all day and slept while they were gone. Needless to say, my girls did not greet Joe with the same enthusiasm as he did them. At any rate, they are ready for warmer weather now. Joe goes next for a shave down of sorts.

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