Friday, February 25, 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sulking? Exhaustion? Heat & Humidity?

I can't help but try and analyze my girls behavior. Since I returned from taking my father and Joe home, Sable and Lucy are acting like sulking teenagers. I wonder if they miss Joe or are they just exhausted from all his rough housing? Perhaps it's the return of warmer temperatures and 90 percent humidity that has them in such a mood? Whatever the reason, I hope a change for the better is coming soon.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Making Tracks

I took my father and Joe back to the Ozarks on Monday. The area had a 20 inch snow in some places last Wednesday. It was a beautiful day for a drive with the roads all clear and only snow left in shaded areas.
Despite Joe being a handful around my girls he is a very good dog at my father's home and traveling. He sleeps the entire 11 hour drive except to look up at stops. My father is 97 years old and still living alone and driving(I know :(). I'm glad that he has a dog to keep him company. Joe is so gentle around him. Joe loves to run and has plenty of room in my father's yard as opposed to mine. So it's rather quiet around here now without Joe the terrible and my father.

Beef Rib Bones!

My girls, along with Joe, celebrate his pending departure with some beef rib bones. At first Joe doesn't seem to know if he wants to bury or eat it but he soon realized it was best to eat it now with Sable around.

Yes:It's Joe The Terrible Again

My father came to Houston for medical test earlier this month, along with him came "Joe the terrible" the long legged thief of a dog.
Now I used to be "nasty nice" but have grown less so since having my girls come live with me. I no longer get irrate or nauseous when I get a hair in my mouth. But I'll be damn if my dogs are going to put their muddy, nasty paws on my kitchen table and counters. Joe, on the otherhand, makes himself at home.

Three Is Definitely A Crowd

Joe Stands Guard

Joe keeps a watchful eye out for predators while Lucy and Sable finish off their bones.

Hangin' Around The Wrong Crowd

My poor Sable, no one has an appetite quite like hers so she's probably the happiest when Joe comes for a visit. He can reach things standing at 5 feet on his hind legs that my girls just can't. During my father's stay, she feasted on a new bag of Earth Grains Health Nut, a package of hamburger buns, a bag of potato chips, a box of Arm & Hammer baking soda, and a package of halls cough drops, all this in the first couple of days before I learned my lesson. Or so I thought until my brother brought some lunch over sealed in Ziploc bags. I sat them on the bar as I walked my brother back to the front door. I came back in and noticed no dogs? Ahh, I thought the excitement of company didn't last long. Then I looked outside to see them licking up the final crumbs of what my brother had brought.
Yeah I'd kiss him too Sable. He's been feeding you good.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

That's Just Not Right

My girls would love to be out in some snow. But as much as they are enjoying this blast of cold weather, I just couldn't leave them tied up like this for any length of time no matter how quick my errand.

The Very Best Bed Warmer

She better enjoy this while she can for I know warm weather is just a few weeks away.