Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How Was Your Holiday Weekend?

We left home in twilight to get to the park early. Thankfully since it was a holiday the traffic was light.

Lucy and Sable head straight for the water.

I'm amazed at how many dogs are at the park but don't get in the water. My girls love the water. Although, it did take Sable a few months when she was a pup.

I noticed they get tired after about an hour and a half of fun.

By 8:00 AM there were several at the park.

As dogs greeted Lucy and Sable coming out of the water Lucy behaved pretty good. She only went off on one dog all morning. Maybe she's getting mellow in her old age?

We hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend and that you have an equally great week!

What's Wrong With This Picture?

As far as southeast Texas, it's too damn hot to leave a pet outside all the time. A man that I work with stopped by my desk last Thursday to tell me that his German Shepherd was dead in the backyard when he got home from work the day before. He said that he and his wife would spray him down with the hose as they sat outside and enjoyed a drink in the evening. Huh? My girls go outside to do their business and that's all they care to be outside this time of year. They don't even follow me around as I do yard work anymore. I suppose some dogs do acclimate themselves to the heat but still. I don't even want to be outside much in the heat. I'd never see a pet if I kept it outside. As discouraged as I get seeing gates, partitions, dog toys, hair balls, and such in my home I wouldn't make my dogs stay outside. Even at night the low is usually no less than 78 degrees for 5 months out of the year here.
So I hope the dog pictured above is just enjoying the warm pavers on a cloudy cool day and not banished to the outdoors.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Have I Told You How Dry It Is In Texas?

We've had just 1 inch of rain since March 1st.

Sable manuevers around the cracks in the ground.

It appears Lucy fell in one of the mini fault lines. No she just likes rolling in the dirt.

They are cautious yet curious at the gaping holes in the ground.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Enjoying A Cool Breeze

Well not exactly. It's been anything but cool the last couple of months but it's been plenty windy. Having a fan on the patio helps as well. But for the most part the air is so thick you feel as though you could cut it with a knife. However, Lucy will endure with me while I am out side.On the otherpaw, all Sable has to do is stick her nose out the door and she's not interested in the great outdoors.

But...we'll take the heat and drought anytime over violent storms.

We hope all is well in your world.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Just "Chuck It" Please!

The girls and I finally made it to the park. We had to go to Millie Bush but they don't mind the drive. Rarely do we go in the middle of the day but they didn't seem to mind the heat either.

They manage to stay cool if the majority of time is spent in the water.

Lucy just loves paddling around.

After a while they become spectators.

Friday, May 13, 2011


We hope you're looking forward to a wonderful weekend! Be safe!

Sure Life Could Be Worse

With all the death and destruction in the world, life's pretty good here in southeast Texas. But try telling my girls that. I get off work early today and take Lucy and Sable to the dog park only to find it closed for parking lot repairs. The nerve! I tried to explain to them that it is Friday the 13th.

And it's suppose to be such a nice weekend too.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

First One In And Out Of The Water

Sable has surpassed Lucy when it comes to jumping in the water and retrieving the ball. Lucy has slowed down somewhat the last couple of years. But Lucy is only 8 months older than Sable?

It's funny that it took Sable so long to get comfortable in the water. Lucy took to the water immediately as a pup. She enjoys the swimming. She's not competitive.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Early Morning Swim

We started the month of May with an early morning outing at Millie Bush Bark Park. Sunday morning is really the best time for us to go to this park. It is 15 miles a way and a multitude of stops. But with very little traffic and the synchronized stop lights it makes for a quick trip on Sunday morning.

Lucy and Sable are ready to hit the water as soon as we get there. Once inside the park gates they manage to make the 200 yard run to the water in no time at all. There's barely a chance to stop and take a pee much less time to acknowledge others before hitting the water.

With a choice of two large ponds there's plenty of opportunity for running around the water in celebration.

We're already having warm and muggy days and by 8:00 am it starts to feel like summer. Sable does not like being out in the sun on warm days. Hey what am I saying? I don't like the mosquitoes and stinging flies biting me.

Soon they show signs of getting tired and take more of an interest in watching the others as they arrive.

We hope you had some fun this weekend!

On The Way Back Home

What do you mean I smell like a wet dog?

Are we stopping at McDonalds???????????