Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sun Worshipper

Lucy was maintaing her "golden" tan today while southeast Texas enjoyed yet another gorgeous day. When I get up my girls are usually jumping with excitement to see their master so I was concerned today when they weren't to be seen. As I walked through the house though, I caught a glimpse of them laying in the grass soaking up some rays. I had an ahhhhhhh moment knowing my girls were so happy.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Gorgeous Day At The Dog Park

Although the water doesn't look too inviting it was a beautiful day to be outside yesterday. I took my girls to the Pawm Springs Dog Park here in Sugar Land and it doesn't appear there's been any improvements made. The pond is still I mud hole but there appears to be a filtration system of some kind working. There are only a mix of weeds at this point growing. The St. Augustine grass that was sodded a couple of months ago is still dormant but hopefully by early summer it will be in better shape. At any rate, my girls could have cared less about clean water or park improvements. They had a blast.
No, that's not alligators in the distance of these playful dogs but my girls in their own little world.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Lazy Weekend

It's a chilly rainy weekend here in southeast Texas. As a result, the girls and I are being quite lazy laying around and doing nothing. They seem to love watching me change channels on the TV non stop. Hey, I don't have cable so I'm in a constant search for life out there. I hope you are safe and warm this winter day.

That's My Girls

While perusing the damage from the hard freeze we experienced last weekend I noticed something shiny in the grass. Once again one of my girls had found something from the Christmas tree to enjoy for themselves. I had thought how good they were this year. But I guess they like the crunch of glass. Bad girls!

I Have Suround Sound Again!

I finally got a new remote for my receiver. I kept putting off trying to find one till I was doing some on line shopping prior to the holidays.
Joe the terrible, my father's dog, seem to enjoy the previous remote as a chew toy last summer. He can be a bad boy.

Friday, January 8, 2010

A Beautiful Day Back In December

It's embarrassing how Lucy watches over me. Here she stands guard for my father and me as we soak up the sun.
While Lucy plays guard dog, Joe, the terrible, and my Sable enjoy chasing the other dogs.

Lucy and Sable would come around my father while we were at the park but my father's dog, Joe, was no where around. He is one strange canine.

It was a rather chilly day, nothing like we are experiencing this weekend in Southeast Texas, back in December but my girls didn't hesitate to get in the water. I hate to see them swimming in such a mud hole but they love it so. This park is so much closer than the Millie Bush Bark Park we have been visiting the last few years.

Pawm Springs Dog Park

I know area residents were as anxious as I was for the new dog park here in Sugar Land to open back in October but perhaps officials jumped the gun. Now much of the area is fenced off to allow for sodding grass. It was one big mud hole when I took the girls in early November. And why is that pond so damn muddy? It looks as if it has some kind of filtration system. Hopefully the park will improve over the winter months.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Time For Healing

The terror has ended for now. My father and his dog Joe went back to Arkansas after a 6 week visit. Maybe now my back yard and nerves can recover. After about 3 weeks of a light rain in December my yard was one big mud hole after Joe ran his 50 laps a day. I've never seen a dog that loves to run like he does. Granted my father's yard is about a quarter acre and gives him lots of room but still. My girls did get a lot of exercise while he was here because if he wasn't chasing them and pawing at them they were chasing him.
Maybe I will have grass again before the heat of summer.

Poor Sable got so tired of Joe jumping on her. He is a good dog in some respects. While traveling you would not know he was with you. He laid down in the back seat for the 11 hour drive and never showed any interest in getting out when I would stop. At three years of age he is a bit more quiet but still likes to run a play. However, he acts like he doesn't know his name. Again I took them all to the dog park and I would call him and he was not phased at all. So strange.

My Girls Seem To Miss The Beast

Lucy just soaks up some much needed sun. Could she be missing Joe?
My Sable enjoys the sun and seems to miss ole Joe. That can't be rightr? I've had Sable 6 years this past week. It doesn't seem possible. When I got her at 6 weeks of age Lucy would mop the floor with her dragging her by her colar. I don't think that would happen now.
Happy New Year to all of our canine and mankind friends!!!!!