Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sunrise At Millie Bush Bark Park

I got up early and took my girls and Joe to the park in hopes of beating the heat. About 30 minutes after the sun came up it started getting rather muggy. That's one thing me and my girls have in common:We don't like the heat and humidity of southeast Texas.
Joe wasn't interested in the water much. And he seemed to be embarrassed of me and my girls because as soon as we got there he took off after other dogs and never came back on his own.
Wait. I'm getting ahead of myself. As soon as I pulled in the parking lot of the dog park, Joe leaped out of the passenger side window. I was SHOCKED. Lucy and Sable have never done such a thing or even acted like they would when seeing other dogs in cars or out walking. I was stunned to see Joe running towards another dog at the entrance of the park. I didn't even realize he had jumped out. So I was on edge the entire time at the park. He was never around us and I didn't know what he was really capable of doing.

Lucy and Sable enjoyed the water as usual although for a shorter period of time. As soon as Joe came around us while following other dogs, I put his leash on him and we loaded up and came home. They all got some exercise and will hopefully lay low all day. It was nice to be up and enjoy the sunrise. More often than not I am usually already at work or sleeping so I miss out of all the beauty of a sunrise. Hope all of you are having a great weekend.

He Is Now In Sing Sing

Just wishful thinking on my part. My father's dog, Joe, continues to be a challenge. I've had to move everything out of his reach in the kitchen and other areas where he has access. He just doesn't seem to listen. I know he hears but he just won't respond or answer to his name most of the time.
When we actually got a little shower the other evening, I decided to put him out front to give him another perspective of his surroundings. I'm trying.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Holy Terror

I have inherited my father's dog, Joe, for the time being. I can see if my father is not able to resume his life as it was before a broken hip that I will assume ownership. He could not be a better passenger in a vehicle. He's not hyper and shows little interest in the outside world. He doesn't snap at my fingers when I offer him food. He will even sit and shake on command but that is about it.
In all other aspects, he is a holy terror. I understand he is not used to being inside a home. He is an outside dog and only had access to the basement and garage at my father's home. But he can't really stay outside with my girls going in and out. Plus it is too darn hot here and I don't have the shade like at my father's place. As a result, I let him come in and out. I know I can't let him in the living area without close supervision. I stepped out of the room over the weekend and he devoured the remote for the receiver and DVD player. I was livid! He is long legged and can reach almost to the top of the refrigerator. He's pulled everything he can down and out the pet door. This morning he unrolled a roll of paper towels and all the precious pets proceeded to shred.
How can I start to break him of all these bad habits without hating him in the process? He is getting along better with Lucy and Sable and by that I mean he's not as aggressive when it comes to playing but he is still a source of contention. In addition, my life with my girls is disrupted. I can't be with them as much as before. They have lost liberties as well.
Think of me during this time of great STRESS!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Girls Got Clipped

Week before last I took my girls to Natural Paws here in Sugar Land to be groomed. Veronica, pictured here with Sable and Lucy, done a great job as usual. They look great and I know they must feel much better in this summer heat.
Sorry for my lack of posts. My father, who lives in Arkansas, fell and broke his hip so I had to go see him. I have his dog Joe now and it has been a challenge to say the least. So say a little prayer for my dad and me as well during this time.
Only one thing worse than not posting and that is not having the opportunities to read all my favorite blogs. Hopefully, I will get some kind of routine back in my life soon.
I hope you're not as hot and dry this summer as we are here in Texas.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


My girls and I have been on vacation. Here we stop and sniff around at a scenic overlook in the Ozark Mountains in Arkanasas. It was Hot Hot Hot everyday of our travels but we managed to stay cool while traveling.