Monday, September 28, 2009

Early Morning Swim Meet

They can hardly contain their excitement as we leave before daybreak to go to the dog park. My girls no what's up when I douse them with ear wash and put on their leashes.
Due to the fog and heavy cloud cover daylight was slow to come. Yet they had no problem finding the ball.

After a couple of hours they begin to slow down a bit.

It's quiet time as we make the drive back home. It's amazing what a little exercise will do for my girls.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

No More Joe:For A While

Joe the terrible has left the building. Actually, my brother took Joe and my father back home to Arkansas. I had been caring for my father while he recovered from his fall and broken hip. I suppose I've been near exhaustion during this time thus my lack of posts the last couple of months. I think Lucy and Sable were exhausted too. Joe is a peculiar dog. Aren't they all? Not my girls! He rarely responds to his name. Especially when you get out at the park but you know he can hear. He just could not refrain from harassing my girls the majority of the time. He was like a kangaroo boxing them or biting their collars or hind legs. He is a thief too. He got flashlights, remote controls, caps and other articles of clothing and rendered them useless. On the other hand, when you offer him a treat he takes it with such ease not snapping your fingers. He is such a good dog traveling. You'd never know he was with you. He walks so good on the leash never pulling. What's up with that??????? He's never on a leash at my fathers. Oh well. I miss my father and yes. I admit. I miss Joe too. But I can't speak for Lucy and Sable. ;)

One More Time With Joe

As always, my girls loved the water and didn't want to stop the routine of getting the ball time after time.
And as before, Joe, my fathers dog, just ran by a few times to let Sable

and Lucy know he was still around at the park. I don't know how many miles that dog covered but he had no down time while there.

It's not as it appears. They aren't best of pals but when your exhausted: they don't mind being so close.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Millie Bush Bark Park At The Break Of Day

Got to the park a little earlier than I had planned this past Sunday. I made all the lights on Hwy 6 which is unusual for me at any time of day.
Thankfully the parking lot and park was unlocked so I didn't have to sit in my truck with three overly excited dogs.

It was a gorgeous morning and sunrise with the humidity lower than it has been in months. My girls, Lucy and Sable, couldn't wait to get in the water. However, just as before, my father's dog, Joe, was out running the other dogs and meeting the other people.

Lucy and Sable had the main pond to themselves for the first twenty minutes or so.

They love playing ball and as always Sable has been limping a bit since Sunday due to all the fun she had.

Joe would come back around to us a few times but basically ignored us. How rude Joe! He had a great time as well.

Even Joe was zonked for the 15 mile drive back home.

It was all Sable could do to stay awake while Lucy slept under foot behind the seat. Ahhhh such is a dog's life.