Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sooooo Many Blogs I Enjoy

But I have had a problem for some time posting to your blogs. When I use the MSN browser I am UNABLE to post a message if I have to type in a security word. EVERY time I start to type the word I am booted off. It's not just with security words it is often the same with emails if I click to close it out or enlarge. Also when making purchases, you can bet at some point I will get booted off.(Maybe that's a good thing?) As a result, in the past I have used Internet Explorer as my browser but as of late I have been unable to get that browser to even open due to new security software I have finally realized.
At any rate, that is why I rarely have had the opportunity to post to blogs I enjoy. It has been such a hassle. But hopefully now that I have more time, but the same minuscule amount of patience, I can work out these issues and communicate more with my blogging friends.
Life shouldn't be so complicated. :)


bbes tribe said...

Sorry you are having so much trouble. I also am still learning and enjoying. It is frustrating when things don't work well. Sorry I can't be much help. Maybe someone else will be able to.
Good luck
Ernie & Sasha

Thor said...

Sorry, I don´t know how to help you. Computers can be a heardache sometimes. Hope you can solve problems to post on blogs.
Good luck!