Monday, June 4, 2012

Hot & Dry

It's hot and somewhat dry in Texas and it sure was in Arkansas.  Last week I had a difficult time keeping the girls enough water.  They aren't used to being outside so much especially in the heat.  Another thing I noticed they were skeptical of was stairs. The elevation is different at my Dad's home with decks and terraces.  No home on a slab there so Lucy and Sable got a bit more of a workout than usual. 
I hope you're having a good week and stay hydrated!


Ur-spo said...

Hydration is the panacea or all ills.

Alison said...

Aww Lucy, you look so disappointed. I bet you're glad to be home now. :)

Tim said...

Sometimes it's not the holiday, but returning home that makes you appreciate the good thing in life! Lulu sends woofs.