Thursday, April 1, 2010

And They Call It Puppy Love

It's Spring and that makes me want to clean. Not really but... As I moved furniture out and about cleaning walls, I had a blast from the past when my girls were just puppies.
Actually, all of this is Sable's doing. I can remember one evening asleep on the sofa and hearing what I thought was someone stringing cable in my attic.

Sable had not only chewed the sheet rock and plate cover but had pulled about 20 feet of cable out of the wall. Where did it all come from? My neighbors? Luckily, I've never had cable but if I do splurge someday I'm sure the house will have to be rewired. Ahhhh, I miss that "puppy phase".


Sam said...

Cisco's sister Twinkles completely ate a wall in my sister's bathroom when she was a pup. When the went to fix it, they found out the tub had been leaking for years and rotting the wood. It was quite an expensive fix, but probably saved a bigger one later!


Tee said...

Wow! That's major demolition work going on.

We like chewing on car plates (amongst other things) ... but the boss got smart and started using stainless steel :P

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