Thursday, April 1, 2010

What The?

The dog park had several new chaise lounges around the mud hole last week. What are they thinking? I did enjoy seeing a couple of people relaxing and then their wet dog comes and jumps on them. But I'm like that. lol
My girls got a good workout though and were zonked when we got home.

This little fella was huffing and a puffing. I think it was in the high 60's. He will be suffering in the summer.

I put this shot of Sable up as my screen saver at work. This guy comes over and says, "Oh I thought it was a buffalo." Not funny!
We hope you've been having some spring like weather and fun lately.


Rufus and Indie said...

A buffalo? Poor Sable! The pic is cute!
They look so happy running around!

Rufus and Indie

Thor said...

How rude! That's a beautiful picture of Sable! I enjoy a lot seeing your girls at the dog park! Looks like a lots of fun and your pics are gorgeous!

Sam said...

Them's some pretty funky chairs!


于名于名 said...
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Tee said...

We're suffering too ... it's been really hot the last couple of days. So hot we've been begging our human for showers! (which is very uncharacteristic of us).

Our Rottie Joe has been mistaken as a bear a few times. Our human is now determine to skinny him down. We're all sucking in our gut just incase she has the same ideas with us!

The Dog Woods Pack