Sunday, October 14, 2007

Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Hello. My name is Sable and I am a Lab mix. My mother is a full blood Labrador but her master let her get out past curfew and she got knocked up by a neighbors chow. I have purple spots on my tongue and when I know you better I will let you see for yourself. I was born November 13, 2003. Now I'd like to introduce my older sister.
Hi. My name is Lucy and I'm an AKC Golden Retriever. I live in the Houston area and I was born in May of 2003. And I'm not that much older.



Charles said...

just found your site.

they look so cute! it makes me miss having dogs.

Sideon said...

Awesome AWESOME blog - love all the pictures. Your dogs are beautiful.

We have a golden who's darker and reddish, almost like an Irish Setter. His name's Midas.