Monday, December 10, 2007

Visitor From Hell

Actually this is Joe my fathers dog and he hails from the hills of Arkansas.As my dogs get older I have come to enjoy them even more. They are less destructive inside and outside as well. My back yard actually had grass all summer. Then my father has his car accident last month and he along with Joe come to my home to recoup. Joe is a mutt:the vet said possibly a Rottweiler/Doberman (yikes) mix. In reality he is rather sweet but at 7 months he is a ball of energy. He would not stop humping my girls so I took him and had him fixed at the SPCA. This photo was taken the next day and as you can see the neutering did not slow him down at all. He loves to run and now my back yard resembles the track at Belmont. When I have let him stay inside,sun room/kitchen area, he has chewed table legs and lamps wires. And I thought having company for the holidays was a

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