Sunday, September 21, 2008

Outside Looking In

I had to keep my girls tied out front every once in a while after the hurricane since the back fence was down. I can't say enough how much WE love having a pet door but since there are four yards in a row without fences I can't let them roam free. But I have managed to find the plastic contractor fence for now and it appears to detour them from trying to escape. But why would they want to leave me?


Greg said...

I'm sure they'd never want to leave you,'s just that sometimes a pup puts their head down to sniff...and follow a scent...and suddenly, where they heck are we?!?

Glad to see you are all well! (Nice new profile shot, BTW...)

Richard Wall said...

Have you ever tried the electronic fence? Danny has one and it works!! He never leaves the yard - ever. Only bad thing: he has to wear 2 collars. You might consider it. Richwah