Thursday, October 30, 2008

Before and After

Before When I got my girls five years ago I had one of those full view glass doors. Soon I realized I didn't want Lucy, my first dog, to stay outside all day nor did I want her to have to stay inside for a 13 plus hour day. So I had to modify the door to put in a pet door and I've never regretted it. When I got Sable, the black lab, she just followed Lucy in and out. I would close them off in this partioned area and they could go outside or stay inside in the cage or by the door.
But they prefer the air conditioning I assure you. At any rate, Sable unlike Lucy was a wood chewer and managed to destroy most of the molding on the door and on the frame. Well Sable has been with me five years this Christmas and I CAN NOT believe it's taken me this long to take the door down and put new molding up and repaint the door. It's been one of those things I've intended to do for some time. Hopefully, she's past the wood chewing stage. After


Melba said...

Looks much better...I certainly know how it can be with those kinds of jobs. Time flies by faster and faster the older I get, it's kind of freaky actually.


"Tommy" said...

hmmm...such a carpenter.

i am impressed

Sam said...

very nice. we really miss having a dog. maybe this winter we'll find another.