Thursday, May 3, 2012

One Reason

 One reason I can see that my girls don't care for the swimming hole at Pawm Springs Memorial Dog Park is the severe drop off from the edge of the pond.  I'm not sure that it was designed this way or that it had serious erosion once it was filled?
Needless to say it's quite a drop for swimmers that take to the water gradually.  My babies aren't jumpers now nor have they ever been so this is an issue when it comes to getting in the water.  They are just more cautious here than at Millie Bush and other swimming holes.


Alison said...

My neighbor and I took our girls there once. Zoe didn't mind the drop off due to being a jumper but Sunny, being a 10 year old Golden Retriever had a really hard time getting in and out of it.
I also wondered why the lake wasn't much larger with all that space/land there is out there. Then again, it's better than no dog park at all.

Rick said...

Yeah, I was hoping that they would add another pond on the north side but it appears the one is all they can handle. It's been open almost 3 years now:I think and they still can't get weeds/grass to grow. But it is so close to home. We miss our weekly jaunts to MBBP. But with my Father living with me now I'm afraid the pets are a bit neglected.
Thanks for stopping in Allison & Zoe.

Tim said...

Lulu my black Lab takes the slowly, slowly approach, paws, then pasterns, then belly, etc. Her predecessor, Harley, was a yellow Lab who knew no fear with water, and would leap into the smallest puddle if he could! Isn't it great that our dogs have such wonderful and different characters?

John Gray said...

look after them well