Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Rat's Tale

Poor Sable has been loosing her hair in spots and most notably on her tail.  The vet says it might be thyroid issues but I haven't heard yet.  I'm thinking the hair loss started soon after I started using Frontline oil for flea prevention.  Anyone have similar issues?  At any rate, her spirits are high so she seems to feel good.  It's time for fall grooming so maybe it will be less noticeable.


Thor and Jack said...

Poor Sable. We hope her tail gets better soon.

Thor and Jack

Tim said...

Oh, that does look raw. I've used Frontline on my Labs here in Spain for many years and never had that problem, although I know that some dogs do react to it, I've never seen it. Where did you apply the oil? To be honest that looks more like Eczema to me. Check out the symptons and treatment on the internet, and get well soon Sable!

Sam said...

Poor girl! We had problems with a thin coat on Sam and added fish oil to his diet. It really seems to have helped with some of his skin issues.


SEAN said...

No problems with Frontline here, have used it for years. In fact, accept for one time, I think it's the only one I've used for 10 years. Is that possible?

How it clears up - maybe there's something new in the park water?

Alison said...

Frontline was never good to Zoe, her fur was always very dry and crunchy. We use trifexis now.

Hope you get better soon Sable.