Friday, April 12, 2013

Late Night Cravings

My girls and Joe seem to know immediately when we are in a drive-thru for grub.  They start panting, slobbering, and get all fidgety.  I've been making too many of these trips since there is more daylight in the evening. So it's not really cravings but my lack of planning. I come home and work on projects in the yard and before I know it is after 8:00 PM.  At any rate, the pooches love to make a food run anytime of day or night.
Have a great weekend!


Howard in CT said...

I bet they smell the burgers and fries before you get to the ordering station.

SEAN said...

Since either Truvy or Tramp is always in my lap, my McDonald's always gives them a treat. (they keep doggy treats at the window). Truvy sits in my lap 90% of the time and won't let Tramp have a turn but when the car slows down to stop, Truvy always hops to the passenger seat. Tramp always takes the opportunity to get into my lap, especially at the drive-thru, but never at home.