Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday With Spike

 Sable's brother, Spike has a lot of energy.  He could fetch Frisbee till a person dislocated a shoulder.
 Spike is lean because of all the attention he gets from my brother's brood.
But, like Sable, he is 10 years old now and does get tired.  He is not quite the "chow" hound like Sable though.  But he is just as lovable.  He just can't get close enough to you when he sits next to you.  He loves nudging you with that cold nose.


Howard in CT said...

If you know how to contact the person that Spike & Sable came from, wouldnt it be wonderful to have another pup from the same lineage. Just a thought.

Tim said...

What a handsome dog you are Spike.

Stan said...

I love his name. Spike looks like a little like a coyote. What a great dog!

Sam said...

I'm with Stan - I love his name. It isn't quite what you expect and it makes me think of Snoopy's brother.

Monty and Harlow