Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday Memories

 I went to pick up my father in June of 2007 and was surprised that he had a puppy.  He, like I have said in recent months, said no more dogs after his Dalmatian had died.  Joe was dropped off/abandoned.  My Dad found him tied with a string to the handle on his garage door.
 So this is how I hauled the little booger back to Texas for a visit.  I doubt if I could get Joe's long legs in a storage container now.

Even then Joe liked my bed.  Actually, I was just trying to keep him from Lucy and Sable at the time.  I remember several sleepless nights during that visit.  They were all crying and howling for one another.  At any rate, Joe proved a lot of company for Dad the next 3 or more years before they would finally come live with me.


SEAN (The Jeep Guy) said...

Sometimes I wish they could be puppies forever. Rescuing Truvy at one and Tramp at 4 - I missed that year.

Howard in CT said...

What a wonderful happy-ever-after, from a very sad beginning. Joe didn't know how lucky he was to be tied to that particular garage door. ( Maybe those who did the tying knew what a gentle and kind man your dad is.)

Thanks for sharing, Rick. And I hope your Dad is doing well.

Cocos Mommy said...

What a great story. I love happy endings!

Stan said...

Bless you and your Dad's heart for rescuing the little guy.

Sam said...

Joe's been a good boy. LOL - although, I remember a few instances where he was a LOT of trouble!

Monty and Harlow