Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Patiently Waiting

Sable went for her annual shots last week.  She had only gained 2 pounds over the holidays.  I'm trying to keep up with her thyroid medicine.  But hey, I can't remember to take a daily vitamin so it's a struggle to give her her pills twice a day every 12 hours.  Most of her hair has come back quite nicely but some areas are more stubborn.  I don't know if I will get her groomed again or at least not a "puppy cut" for summer.  I just give her a bath at home.  She's pretty good about it.


Ur-spo said...

I enjoy hearing about the updates.

Tim said...

Lulu is very glad to hear that Sable's condition is improving, and sends lots of 'Woofs'!

Sam said...

Sam had one of those weekly pill boxes that sat front and center on the counter. I'm not good at taking my own meds, so I know what you mean.

Monty and Harlow