Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Back To The Vet

Well, I am going to have to take my Sable back to the vet.  Her skin issues is just as it was over a year ago when she was first diagnosed with the thyroid condition.  The prescriptions and "special" shampoo is not doing any good.  Her hair did come back almost 95% earlier in the year, however, after her last grooming her hair did not come back except on her legs, hind side, and a few patches here and there.  She seems in good spirits and is active as ever but I hate for her to look like this.


How Sam Sees It said...

Poor girl - I hope they get to the bottom of whatever is causing her issues.

Monty and Harlow

Tim said...

Oh poor Sable! Lulu and I send you both hugs and our hopes for Sable's speedy recovery.