Sunday, July 20, 2008

Heads Hung Low And Tongues Wagged

There was a big crowd at Millie Bush Bark Park yesterday despite the heat. I'm really surprised at how many people go in the heat of day. I try not to go on the weekend unless very early on Sundays. The girls and I prefer the cooler time of day and year for that matter.
The girls enjoy the water but not the sun so much. It helps when it is overcast.

So heads were hung low along with their tongues on such a hot day.

As always they seem to say. "Put that damn camera down and get the air cranked up." Ahhh but soon they'll be giving me kisses once they cool off


Curt Rogers said...

Well, CJ, you've finally gone and won an award. Be sure to check out Tuesday's While Walking Duncan to claim your prize!

Thanks for everything. I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Look at all the dogs! What a fun looking park.

Sable and Lucy, from the photos, do appear to be moving a little slower from the heat!

Sue said...

Fantastic pictures!