Monday, August 11, 2008

Our Date At Millie Bush Bark Park

I took Lucy and Sable to Millie Bush Bark Park over the weekend. We went early to try and beat the heat. The signs read that the park doesn't open till 7:00 AM but when we arrived a half hour early the parking lot was open. Yeah. There were a couple of dogs already there. It's nice to enjoy the sunrise. I don't see it often in summer. I don't know what is my favorite sunrise or sunset? I guess it depends on one's mood or who your with.
At any rate, as soon as the sun was visible so was the humidity. Fortunately, soon a breeze started up and an occasional cloud made it bearable for both me and the girls. Our friend Miss V came out from the inner loop. She brought her girls, Bella, Beamer, and Butter, three labs. They live in one of those swanky new loft/mid rises. Just because she didn't want the upkeep on a home. Okay. I can understand that. What I can't believe is she took the dogs with her. Amazing! But that's the way love is.

This is Bella and Beamer,the one with the gray whiskers, and Butter is below.

No matter how hard I try to get my dogs to mix with others they, more often than not, seem to be content with each others company. I'll wonder where they are and finally scope them out off by themselves. Oh well, what's a single parent to do?


Who Really Knows said...

some times it is better to be single and have dogs.

you can count on them all the time.

Richard Wall said...

Adorable animals!! Richard