Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Are You Going To Pick It Up?

I'll get it. The ball has to pass back and forth atleast three times before they let me throw it again. They can be so controling. I wonder who the master is sometimes.


Melba said...

I know what you mean here. One of the funniest occurrences in our house is when the Bassett Hound attempts to play fetch with the Jack Russell. She really doesn't get it at all, but she knows her pal is excited for some reason, and she tries. I just sit there and laugh until one of them brings me the ball again.

Paco....Milo and mom..Simona said...

what a great truth!!!!!
we love playing with balls....
Me and Paco become crazy when mom throw us the balls!!!!!!
Grea photos...you look sooooooooooo happy!!!!!!!!
Sweet kisses dear friends!!!!!

Thor said...

I love to play fetch. I wish I could play ball with you!
Your pictures are beautiful!
Happy Sunday!