Saturday, May 9, 2009

Have You Heard?

Have you heard that it's bad for your pets to ride with their heads out the window? I understand the flying debris/safety issue but have you heard that it can eventually cause cataracts? I was just wondering. My girls love to have the window down. Although, I never get on the freeway or drive at a high rate of speed for any length of time with the window down.


John said...

Well, I may be overcautious, but I don't ride with the dog without him wearing his "flight suit" - a little harness type thing that clips onto the seat belt, so that he can move around the back seat all he wants but can't get anywhere else, and so that if there's an accident he won't go flying into the windshield. And I never put him in the front seat, because an airbag release would likely kill him (and almost any dog). It doesn't take THAT big a collision to set them off.

I crack the window a bit so he can sniff the outside air, which he loves, but he can't get his head out.

Never heard the cataract thing, but given how many times I've had debris hit my windshield (or my motorcycle helmet) I really don't like the idea of my dog's head sticking out of the car.

Suzuki said...

My Mummy has heard the wind is bad fur our eyes...
Big licks to you

Ruby's Mum said...

I hadn't heard that, but having that force of wind in the eyes would seem potentially harmful. But I know how much the dogs love it!