Monday, May 18, 2009

Millie Bush Bark Park Opens Again

After the heavy rains of April flooded the Barker Reservoir, our favorite dog park was under water and gates closed. We were happy to be able to go and find them open yesterday. Although it was a cloudy day and had rained a bit before we got there the girls and I had a great time. The temperature had cooled down drastically which we LOVE.
So they got to swim and chase the ball.

Sable likes meeting new friends. She's not afraid to look them straight in the eye and tell them she likes them.

You get to see funny things happen while at the park. This little fella, isn't he a pit bull, was terrified of the other dogs. He was so cute.

Especially when he jumped up in this lady's lap when the other dog started chasing him. She couldn't keep from laughing even if it was a wet dog. The dogs owner quickly pulled him down off the lady.


Amy said...

Wow! This dog park looks fantastic! And your dogs seem to be having so much fun - very cute!

Ray Avito said...

I SO LOVE the first photo!! They look so cute with their wet selves.

Thor said...

Hi buddies!
Glad that the dog park was open and you have fun. That place is beautiful and I love your pics.