Thursday, September 6, 2012

The In's & Out's Issue

 When I see Lucy struggling to get in and out of the pond at the Sugar Land park it reminds me of myself getting in and out of my friends so-called "classic" Mazda Miata.  It's hell getting in and out.  I usually say I'll just meet you there.  But hey I'm off topic.
It's funny that Lucy knows where we are when we arrive.  If we were to go to Millie Bush Bark Park, with the much larger and much better access ponds, she would make a dash and be in the water in a splash. But at this park she if full of trepidation before she gets in the water and struggles to get out.
But I keep taking them here because it's so much closer than the other park and my girls do  love the water.


Tim said...

Rick, I'm scratching my head trying to think of a solution, perhaps some sort of flotation aid, like a lilo or a tyre perhaps, just might give Lucy something to grasp, at least on the part where it slopes steeply. On a tether of course, to get it back!

Rick said...

That would help especially when helping her out. I could lead her to the one sloping ramp that she seems to miss.
Thanks Tim.

Sam said...

Sam never liked the water at our dog park for the same reason - he slips too much and struggles. I can't help him too much because I slip too!