Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Travelers

 My babies were well behaved on our vacation.  They have always been pretty good on trips.  I think The first time I took Sable on the 10 hour plus trip home she got car sick.  No issues like that anymore.  Sable will sit up and keep her eye on the road for some reason?  It's so strange.  She would not lay down for almost five hours when we left here but was better on the return trip.
Dad's dog Joe has always been a good traveler.  He lays down and you never hear a peep out of him till he absolutely has to make a pit stop.
 It's a bit of a chore to manage three dogs and take care of my Dad as well but I prefer it to boarding.  I never feel good about leaving them at home and someone taking care of them either. 
They love a treat along the way although I'm not sure french fries are such a good treat.


Sam said...

We are the same way - we don't plan trips unless the boys can come with. Although, our boys are a little unsettled in the car.


SEAN said...

Mine love the Jeep and have been with me for countless trips between DC and NY and a few from DC to Atlanta. They can't get enough so if it's cool enough to leave them in the car, I usually take them even on the smallest errands.

Charlie said...

Charlie says french fries are a GREAT treat!

Harper's Keeper said...

They look happy to be spending time with their dad.