Monday, October 8, 2012

It's Like A B12 Shot

 When the temperatures drop, my girls and Joe have a double dose of energy.  So naturally when a cool front came through over the weekend we had to go to the dog park.
 Lucy and Sable love the water while Joe seems content to just drink the water.  Maybe some day I will look up and Joe will be swimming.  That's what happened with Sable.  After numerous visits to the park with Sable waiting at the waters edge for Lucy's return, one day I look up and realize that is Sable out in the middle of the water.
They're feeling frisky while the weather is cool for a few days.


Sam said...

We keep hoping that will happen with Sam - one day he will realize he is a water dog. It's funny, we are actually seeing the opposite - Monty is becoming less inclined to go in the water. This was the boy that spent his first 6 months with us soaking up pool water. Now it doesn't happen much.


Alison said...

I LOVE that first picture of your girls. All three dogs look like they are having so much fun and enjoying the cold weather. I only wish these cooler days would last much longer.

Harper's Keeper said...

Always fun to be had at the dog park