Sunday, December 23, 2012

Off The Road

 I took my Father and my babies on a road trip to the hills of Arkansas last week.  It really kicks my butt.  I have a newly discovered respect for people traveling with children.
We left here in rain and it rained for over half the trip.  I had to keep telling myself that the area needs rain bad.  During the week, the weather was mild and then turned frigid within 12 hours with wind gusts over 45 mph.  There was a bit of flying snow but it had been too warm to amount to anything on the ground.  Joe was glad to be at his home and have the run of a huge yard.  My girls loved the cooler temps.  Lucy struggled with all the stairs.  Her arthritis is quite evident in these cases.  We had a gorgeous day for travel back to Texas yesterday.  It's good to be back and have the trip behind us.
It seems like the holidays are over for us now.


Sam said...

It sounds like fun though. I love traveling with the boys, but yes, it is like having small children in the car.


Alison said...

Welcome back! It must have at least been a very beautiful drive though.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.

SEAN said...

merry Christmas Rick, Lucy, Sable, Joe and dad!

Harper's Keeper said...

Happy Christmas !