Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Morning Blues?

No, not really.  It's just that Joe has taken up permanent residence in Dad's chair since Dad is in rehab now.  I took Joe with me to see my Dad one day but I'm not sure Dad appreciated it with his state of dementia.  Joe had a good time though.
Thanks for all your kind emails regarding my Dad's health.


SEAN (The Jeep Guy) said...

I'm sure on some level you dad appreciated Joe and you never know about next time. As for Joe, I'm sure it was great for him. When I traveled and left Truvy and Tramp with my parents, their reaction was much different then when I was sick and in the hospital and my parents would come home with my sent on them. Dogs smell but they also know.

Hope you're taking care of yourself and that your dad is home soon.

Howard in CT said...

Maybe after your Dad gets settled in someplace, you can try another visit. Maybe this time your Dad will recognize Joe. Dementia is funny that way.
And, as you say, Joe will have a good time.