Sunday, June 15, 2014

Missing My Dad Today

I'm grateful this Father's Day to have had such a patient and loving Father.  Since this is my first Father's Day without a Father it will be a sad day.  The man that I never knew to weigh more than 140 pounds would have appreciated a box of candy today as much as any woman would on a special occasion.  I definitely got my sweet tooth from him. But unfortunately, I have experienced different results.  I can picture him now smoking his pipe and culling through a box of chocolates that my older brothers had sent him from the big city when they were in college. 
I appreciate his patience and laid back demeanor more these days than ever, a quality that I'm sure contributed to him living to be almost 99 years of age.  I can remember coming home after driving his 98 Oldsmobile to a high school party where it was hit in the parking lot.  I was hysterical and in tears but I can remember my friend Reb telling me that my Dad would be cool about it.  He was right.  When I got home, I told my Dad what had happened and he put down whatever he was reading that night and said, "let's go take a look at it".  I can still remember the calm that came over me.  Better than any drug that I have ever experienced.
I'm glad to have had a loving Father as well.  Although, I can only remember him telling me that he loved me as a young man once and that was when I left home at 18 years of age.  After my Mother died in 1998, he became much more verbal in expressing his affection.  I suppose he stood back and let her be the lovey dovey one all those years?
So on this sad day, I'm cherishing the many fond memories that I have of my Dad.


Howard in CT said...

Rick, you know, this is probably the most you've blogged at one time in over a year. And it is beautiful. You are lucky to have such a treasure trove of great memories of a special Dad who taught you to be the good man you are today. Enjoy them all and smile.

Sam said...

I lost my Dad ten years ago and every Father's day I make sure to think of him and all the wonderful things he did. He's the reason I'm the only gal in our neighborhood who can change brakes, repair my own washer, and came into my marriage to Aaron with a full set of tools - complete with compressor and engine lift (...and all the knowledge I need to use them!). I couldn't smile about my Dad today if he wasn't the loving man he had been. You've shared so much of your Dad with all of us, both with your day to day life with him and your life with Joe. You two had so much love. He must have been so proud of his sons. Sending you hugs, Rick - I am sorry they are late.

Christine - Monty and Harlow's Mom