Thursday, June 26, 2014

Some Vacation

 I was off last week and took the kids to the Ozarks for the daunting task of cleaning out my parents home for an auction next month.  What an overwhelming job it was for me and my brother.  Sadly, Joe and Sable were neglected much of the time.  Even more sad, they weren't much help.   Joe loved being in his ole big backyard and ran the fence barking what seemed non stop.  Poor Sable was under the hydrangeas or honeysuckle looking for a cool spot much of the time.  Sable did not care for all the steps to climb. But they enjoyed all the people that came around while we were there.
On our trip back, Sable gave up the position of co captain and let Joe keep his eyes on the road for a change.  In the end, we were all glad to get back home and get some rest.


Tim said...

Hope your trip gave you some inner peace and perhaps a sense of closure. I found it hard to clear my Ma's house and came away with 2 suitcases of mementos, my treasures! Joe looks so serious, hope you weren't going too fast - LOL!

SEAN (The Jeep Guy) said...

That must have been so hard. We still haven't gone through my mom's things. I've done some but I know my sister and dad don't want to so and there's no pressing need so I haven't pushed them. Have a good weekend.