Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Memories

Seven years ago this summer I went home to take my Dad on vacation.  He had a surprise for me.  Someone had  used a string and tied this puppy to his shop door.
 He said that it was a little Dachshund or Doxin.  I told him that the dogs feet were awfully big for such a small dog.

Well, the rest is history as we say.  Joe weighed in at 70 pounds at the vet last week.


Howard in CT said...

That first pic is too sweet for words. The set of 3 together is heart warming.

That little dog who became Joe had no idea what a good life he was headed for, with you and your Dad.

Sam said...

Good old Joe - you have to love him. I love the first photo too. Give him hugs from us?

Monty and Harlow