Sunday, August 17, 2014

Baptism At Pawm Springs Dog Park

 I kid.  I was watching in disbelief as this guy walked out in the water trying to get his dog to swim.  That won't work. I took Lucy and Sable to the park for almost a year before Sable ever got in the water to swim.  Then one day I look up and she's out in the middle.  At any rate, this guys out there in the water and I can't make myself go get a pedicure for fear of toe nail fungus or hepatitis. lol
 There was a nice breeze and the humidity was lower than usual making for a very nice early morning.
Many of the dogs just stay at waters edge getting their paws wet.

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Cocos Mommy said...

This had me cracking up! Some guys just have to have it their way...