Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday Treat

I know that it is hard to believe living in Texas but I never ate a barbecue rib till about 2000 when I took my Father on a vacation to Arizona to visit relatives. My uncle was smoking pork ribs while we were there.  Everyone at the time raved about them but I wasn't impressed.  They seemed messy and not much meat for the effort.  Flash forward to 2005 when said relatives were visiting from Arizona.  I thought I'd feed them barbecue ribs since Texas is known for barbecue.  When I went to the restaurant, I didn't remember or know if I wanted beef or pork ribs so I got both.  I had both my girls by this time. I learned that the beef rib, aka dinosaur bone, was a great treat for the dogs and I also learned that beef ribs are not that popular or available at most restaurants.
I'm still not a fan of ribs but I get the beef ribs for the babies.  Yes, I gnaw at the meat and sauce but they get the most joy and benefit out of them.
The vet always says that their teeth are so clean.  I think it's the bones they enjoy 3 or 4 times a year.

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Tim said...

Lucky things, they're making me hungry - LoL!