Sunday, January 18, 2015

Houston's Newest Dog Park Opens

The Johnny Steele Dog Park in downtown Houston opened Saturday January 17, 2015 with thousands in attendance on it's first day.
Photos courtesy of James Nielsen/Houston Chronicle.
 The spring like weather after weeks of cloudy skies and rain was most welcome.
 The park has two large bodies of water for the pooches to cool off in during Houston's hot summer months.
 But temperatures in the low 60's yesterday seemed a warm enough reason to take a dip.
 All the local news outlets were there to report on the festivities.
 There was even a canine fashion show for those that didn't care to get their paws wet.

 Photos by James Nielsen/Houston Chronicle
I probably won't ever take Joe and Sable to the park but I can imagine how happy residents inside the loop must be to have such an awesome facility on Buffalo Bayou just off Allen Parkway.  Especially all the apartment dwellers with dogs now have a place close to let their pets off leash.  The dog park is named after Houston's landscape architect and is part of the overall park plan along the Buffalo Bayou.

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Howard in CT said...

VERY nice park. Never seen one this huge before. Thanks for the post, Rick.