Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Quick Trip To Pawm Springs

Ah yes the life of a jet setter.rrrrrrrr I hadn't taken the girls to the dog park (Pawm Springs Dog Park) here in Sugar Land this year. That's hard to believe. Where did January and February go? They love the water so much but I felt it was a bit cold for them this winter.
I was sad to see that the subdivision expansion and other developments were underway (just what we need-more strip centers and vacant housing) next to the park which makes for a noisy time now. The dogs could care less though.

I imagine our trip to the dog park is much like taking sulking teenagers to Splashtown or something. Lucy and Sable come alive when they get near water.
We hope you have had or will have a great spring break and weekend!


Sam said...

It is going to make the dog park very busy! Is it really called Pawm Springs? Cute!


Stan said...

This looks like a nice place.
I think the subdivision expansion will continue down there as long as people flee the joblessness, high taxes and overall high cost of everything here in the Northeast.

Thor said...

That place looks so beautiful!
Wish we could be there!

Thor and Jack