Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Gorgeous Day At Millie Bush Bark Park

I couldn't resist the opportunity to take my girls to the "big" dog park since the humidity dropped and the temperatures were so pleasant. Cool days will soon be a thing of the past here and my girls won't get to ride while I do errands and such.
They were excited to go and watch the other dogs from afar as usual. This was our first visit of the year. With the rainy cold days and my father's visit we just hadn't had the chance. They seem to like this park much better than the one in Sugar Land that's much closer to home. There's two large ponds to choose from here and the edge doesn't drop off sharply like at the other park.

Lucy loves watching the other dogs and their owners on the other side.

Sable just wants to play non stop but I know their limits.

They love the water so much. I'm not sure if it could ever be too cold for them.

Sable and Lucy dog watching. Doesn't Sable look a bit leaner after grooming last week. A haircut knocks 10 pounds off her appearance. I wish it would do that for me.

We could have stayed till sunset but it was time to go after almost two hours.

Lucy seemed zonked during the drive home.


Sam said...

They are cuties - and lucky! I'm always so sad when it gets too hot to take the boys with me. They are such great company.


Fred said...

I always get very skinny after my haircuts, too!

Stan said...

what a great looking park! I can't belive all that open space. No wonder the dogs love it. I would too!

Ur-spo said...

As a novice dog owner, I am learning about dog parks.
Ours are not too good, as people don't pick up after their dogs. Too bad, as Harper loves to socialize at the dog parks.

Rick said...

They certainly looked like they enjoyed themselves. And such a beautiful day (jealous).