Monday, March 21, 2011

First Day Of Spring

I woke up early Sunday so thought I'd take Lucy and Sable to the big park, Millie Bush, for some exercise. We arrived at 7:00 AM which is a little dark now with the time change. (Poor kids are out in the dark again waiting for school buses.) They run to the water. They love it so. It's hard to believe that I took them here for several months and all Sable would do is get her feet wet. Then one day as I was day dreaming I looked out and she was in the middle with Lucy. I was soooooo shocked that day. I remember it well. I was calling and telling people that my baby girl could swim.

I could throw the ball for hours and they wouldn't tire. Actually, we stayed 2 hours and that's really too long for them. They over do it and then limp around for a day or two.
By 8:00 Am there are several dogs there of all breeds.

But I spend much of my time asking myself what kind of pets have I raised? They are so content to watch the others from a distance. Sure I take them to the park for exercise but I also hope that they will interact a bit with the others.

Lucy is the saddest of the two. She watches others contently. Then I notice she starts to assume the position when others are walking towards us. Then she starts barking and jumping towards the other dogs. This Sunday she scared this other dog so much that it jumped in the water. The dog owner screamed oh she's never been in the water before. I could tell she was pissed and so shocked not to mention the poor dog. I felt like a parent of a two year old having a temper tantrum in a store or church. It's so embarrassing. Lucy has never bitten anyone or their dog but she puts on a good act. One day she is going to meet her match or more and I fear the results. What a peculiar girl she is.


Sam said...

Our boys aren't much for interacting with other dogs. They are happy having us around.


Rick said...

Happy spring!

Ur-spo said...

I continue to be amazed your girls like the water so.
Ours seems deathly afraid of water, even shallow puddles.